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12×16 Storage Shed: Is This the Right Size?

The question is, “Is a 12×16 storage shed the right size for me?” We have some things to consider if you are considering purchasing a 12×16 shed.

Is a 12×16 Storage Shed the Right Size for Me?

Our storage sheds start as small as 8×8 in our Utility shed, to 17×60 on our Chalet building. The number of size options can be a little overwhelming; this is why we often start speaking with our clients about a 12×16 shed. This mid-range size is often the perfect size for customers looking for additional backyard storage for lawn equipment and seasonal decorations. 

Do You Have Enough Space for a 12×16 Storage Shed?

12×16 Storage Shed
To help you decide on the right-sized shed, consider how much space you have in your yard. Do you have room or need a larger shed? While the 12×16 version should be small enough to fit in most yards, it may look out of proportion if you have a larger yard. But you also don’t want a 12×16 shed in a tiny backyard that can look cumbersome and out of place. 

Do We Have Room to Bring This Building in Pre-built?

Storage Shed
We try to deliver our buildings whole to your backyard whenever possible. Not only is this the cheaper option for customers, but we also charge a 15% onsite build fee. It also makes things more convenient for the client to have a building just dropped off in your backyard and leveled. This way, you don’t have to worry about being home while a crew works in your yard for the day. 

192 Square Feet of Floor Space

No matter what style of 12×16 storage shed you choose, your square footage is 192 square feet. It is easy not to care if your shed is a 12×12 or a 12×16, but in the storage world, 48 square feet is a lot of real estate! 

Use Your Vertical Storage Space in a 12×16 Storage Shed

Don’t forget to consider cubic feet and vertical storage as well. You can add storage space to a 12×16 shed simply by choosing an option with a greater height! For example, our lofted barn comes with two 8-foot lofts, or you can add a loft or shelving to any of our other buildings. This will allow you to add storage without taking any more square footage from your backyard.


How Much is a 12×16 Storage Shed?

The price of a 12×16 shed will vary a bit depending on the style of shed that you choose. The cheapest 12×16 storage shed we sell is our Utility shed. There are no windows or porches, but this is the best option if you need a quality wooden storage building for the lowest cost. 
The most significant factor that can affect the cost of our wooden storage sheds is the ability to upgrade. Our base building always comes standard with radiant and moisture barriers, 4×6 runners, hurricane ties, and LP smart siding. However, we offer a lot of options when it comes to customizing your new storage building.
We can provide upgrades like workbenches, wrap-around shelving, and additional loft space to help you optimize every cubic inch of your shed. We also have aesthetic upgrades like lighted dormers, 3rd color accents, and french doors. These upgrades allow your shed to fit into your backyard and mimic the style of your home.

What Can I Fit Inside a 12×16 Storage Shed?

A 12×16 shed is a perfect size for the weekend lawn guy. It can comfortably fit two small pieces of outdoor equipment, like a lawn mower and an ATV. It is important to remember that if you are planning on storing heavier items like a 4-wheeler, you may also want to add ramps to your shed. We cannot tell you the number of times we have had clients turn down the ramps because they don’t want to spend the extra money. Then, a few weeks later, they called to ask if they could still purchase ramps from us. 
Depending on your door and ramp placement, you might have to remove one piece of equipment to have access to the other. But other than that, you will still have space to walk around and maneuver within the building. We love recommending our Lofted barn to our storage clients because they allow you to store your riding mower underneath the loft. Then they can use the shelving for storage of items that they don’t need to access every week or month.

I Need a 12×16 Storage Shed, but How Do I Optimize My Storage?

Regardless of what style of 12×16 shed you decide on, you will have 192 sq feet of floor space. Adding shelving to the walls is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. This is an upgrade we can do for you; this way, your shed is entirely ready to go once we deliver it. Or you can DIY this part of your project and add shelving wherever is most optimal for you. 
The walls are also an excellent place to hand long bulky tools like weed eaters, rakes, and chainsaws. This keeps them from falling over if you just have them leaned into a corner, or someone could trip over them.

What Style of Shed is Best for Me?

The next question to answer is, what style of 12×16 storage shed should you buy? Here are five options that might be an excellent solution for you. 

DEFENDER 12×16 Utility Shed

Utility Shed

12×16 Utility Shed


  • The Cheapest 12×16 storage shed option
  • Clean look and style
  • It will cover all your basic storage needs


  • No windows included
  • Limited door and window placement options
  • No room for a loft

DEFENDER 12×16 Garden Shed with a Saltbox Roof

Garden Shed

12×16 Garden Shed


  • Unique and charming saltbox roof shape
  • Two windows are included, providing more light than the Utility shed
  • One of the cheaper shed options


  • Atypical roof design means not much space for a loft
  • The unique design of the roof is sometimes an issue with HOAs

DEFENDER 12×16 Chalet

DEFENDER 12×16 Chalet

12×16 Chalet

Midrange option of your classic, A-shape roof

  • Very customizable with windows, dormers, and different door styles
  • Room for a small loft


  • It comes with only 2 windows standard
  • More expensive option because it is the most like a home

DEFENDER 12×16 Lofted Barn

Lofted Barn

12×16 Lofted Barn


  • Charming barn shape
  • Comes with 2 lofts standard


  • Not a ton of headspace due to 2 overhead lofts
  • Not an ideal building shape if you plan to finish it out 

DEFENDER 12×16 Cabinette

Cabinette shed

12×16 Cabinette


  • Our most beautifully designed shed with a 6-foot porch 
  • Features a cottage-style design perfect for finishing out for a home office or art studio


  • One of the priciest 12×16 sheds we offer

12×16 Isn’t the Right Fit for You?

A 12×16 storage shed isn’t the right size for everyone; we know that. So we offer storage sheds as tiny as an 8×8, and our Chalet gets as large as a 17×60. We also provide prefab wooden garages that get as large as 16×54 in case you have some large items to store that would require a rollup door. 
Look around and then request a free quote on the size and style of building you are looking for. 

Ready for More Space in Your Life?

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