Our founders, Leland Ulrich and Corey Yoder have been building high-quality products, from the best materials, with outstanding customer service, for over 20 years.

They give credit to God as the leader of their company for providing wisdom and giving them a passion to serve others. The company was founded on biblical principles and it still guides us today. 

At Leland’s EVERY employee gives a portion of their salary, and Leland’s happily matches to give to Foundation 22:22, which supports Shining Light Children’s orphanage in Mexico and Cook’s Children Hospital.

We have years of experience crafting exceptional products. Our love for what we do is poured into each building we make and backed by the best warranties.

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Our Core Values

God Matters

Leland’s believes in operating a business that honors God as the leader of the company and makes a difference in kingdom communities through service and surrendering to God’s will.

Learning Environment

At Leland’s we relentlessly practice continual improvement in all areas of business with employees and clients and believe in operating in a learning environment to be resourceful and share best practices.

People Matter

We believe in providing leadership and motivation for all team members to empower them to achieve their dreams and invest in relationships with our clients and always do the right thing.

Own It

Make the most of each day by being fully engaged and take ownership and be willing to do whatever it takes to see a task through to completion the right way.

Radical Candor

Provide a culture of respect that fosters healthy, open and honest communication with everyone and remembers that we are a family and should always speak straight and listen generously.

Leland's Cares

Each year we have a Leland’s Care Shed Giveaway to bless someone that is in need of a shed. We are open to candidate suggestions then we pray over them as a team and follow God’s leading on who to bless with a shed. We have had some rich experiences through this annual tradition and look forward to many more!

Here are some of the people that God has allowed us to meet and be inspired by their stories.

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