So you have decided you need an outdoor storage shed, but there are so many different options at so many different price points. In all honesty you didn’t even realize there were so many different companies out there that built sheds, but now that you are looking they seem to be everywhere! 

So what really matters when you are purchasing an outdoor storage shed?

The Company’s Values

Sure you can purchase an outdoor storage shed kit from a big box store, and someone will benefit somewhere on that supply chain. However, any type of building or structure you are going to have built is a large purchase for most people. So wouldn’t you want that money going towards the greater good?

Here at Leland’s we are all about giving back to the community. EVERY employee gives a portion of their salary, and Leland’s happily matches, to Foundation 22:22, which supports Shining Light Children’s Orphanage in Mexico and Cook’s Children Hospital. We also value being good stewards of the earth. We plant trees to replace all the lumber we use and run our company in a way that minimizes pollution.

Materials and Durability 

There is a wide range of quality when it comes to outdoor storage sheds. From build it yourself kits to custom built options with Mennonite craftsmanship. The quality and price point can vary drastically.

Material options to consider:



Vinyl (plastic) 

Metal structures can be a good option if you are looking for a kit you can put together yourself. They are easy to assemble and don’t have concerns about rotting or insect infestation. However they are more susceptible to leaking and rust. Plastic sheds are fairly low maintenance and easy to move, but are not going to last you nearly as long. Wooden outdoor storage sheds are going to be your most durable option if they are built and cared for properly, but they can be a significant investment. 

When deciding on which material works best for your outdoor storage shed it is important to first know what you plan to use your shed for. 

What am I using my outdoor storage shed for? 

It may seem like an odd question for some people, “Well obviously I’m using it for storage..” But what you are storing inside may change the type of structure and upgrades you need. Also, outdoor storage sheds are frequently used for so much more than just storage. 

We are constantly hearing from new clients that they need an outdoor storage shed for a work from home space, home gym, a workshop, and the newly popular “she shed.” In these cases where you plan to be spending a lot of time inside of the structure, it is super important to have a space that will be moisture proof, rot resistant, and has some type of temperature regulation. 

At Leland’s we offer our Defender Series which are our most durable line of sheds. These outdoor storage sheds offer the following upgrades as standard:

LP smart siding with a 40 year warranty 

-Radiant barrier roof

-Moisture barrier in the flooring

-¾” plywood flooring

Hurricane ties

-8’ heavy duty hinges 

Even if you plan on using your shed for strictly storage, these features have proven to be vital in protecting everything you find valuable. If you are storing your lawn equipment or expensive tools you want to make sure your flooring can hold up to these heavier items. Or if you are storing important paper documents you need to ensure they will be protected from the elements. With our 10-year warranty we are confident that we can protect all of your items. 


Budget can be a big concern for most people looking for an outdoor storage shed. It can seem like an obvious choice to just go for the cheapest option, but if you care about what you are storing and how it looks it is an important factor to consider. 

Size and materials will make a huge impact on the overall cost of your storage shed. SO make sure you are considering what you will be storing and the long term plan for your structure. Consider you are planning on initially using your building for storage but then hope to have a workshop later on down the road. It might be most cost effective in the long run for you to purchase a larger structure now that you can use for both. 

How do I keep my outdoor storage shed from being an eyesore? 

At Leland’s we custom build all of our sheds to your design specifications, and our standard of quality. You get to select the roof, trim and wall color plus any additional upgrades like dormers, extra windows, door styles and loft space. With our wide variety of building styles plus these options it really allows you to make sure your structure goes well with your home and landscaping. 

We also always use the highest quality materials to make sure they will hold up against the elements and won’t leave you with a rotting shed in your backyard.

So what outdoor storage shed do you really need? 

There is obviously a lot to consider but hopefully this article can help give you a little insight into the things that would be most important for your project. Here at Leland’s we know we are not going to be the least expensive option, but we prioritize high quality and beautiful designs.

If you want the best built outdoor storage shed on the market with a cool custom look give our design team a call today 817-768-5199 or schedule a meeting with us to get your project started now.

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