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Cluttered garage in need of a solution, highlights the need for effective storage solutions such as lelands barns and sheds

Storage problems haunt us all, but it must be weighing heavy on your mind otherwise this article would not have caught your attention. Don’t stress out about your belongings! You are starting your search for solutions so congratulations on taking your first step. Customizable storage sheds are just a click away with Leland’s barns and sheds. 

As we have wrapped up both our spring cleanup and summer sports fun, we all get stuck in that “just throw it in the garage” mindset. Then winter comes around and you have to step into your frosty car.

All of a sudden, you are feeling a pang of regret. The problem is where do we put all of the sporting gear, lawn equipment, and warm weather clothes?

You could do a purge every year and send everything to Goodwill, but you know you are going to be spending that money all over again. Extra space is needed to organize all your gear and be able to enjoy it year after year, but where are you going to find it? A Leland’s shed is the perfect solution. Keep your car warm and safe from the elements and have your belongings guarded, organized, and ready for you to enjoy year after year. Another plus is when the sun comes back out, your belongings will be accessible. It will be easy to play outside again!

Icy car windows because the garage is occupied, emphasize the need for a storage solution like a lelands barns shed

cleared the frost on the windshield in the cold, front and rear blurring the background.

Beautiful and Functional Storage Solutions

Lelands Barns lofted barns and chalet sheds, showcase a variety of stylish and functional storage solutions

Not only are Leland’s sheds beautifully designed, but they are also built to last. Our Defender Series offers a 10-year warranty, moisture barrier protection, and hurricane clips to defend you from high winds, tornados, and hurricanes. Our customizable storage sheds are built to match your style and functional needs, so if you are wanting to add upgrades like:

  • extra shelving
  • a ramp to roll your lawnmower right in
  • or extra windows

We have you covered, literally.

Lofted Barn Interior, showcasing the spacious and versatile storage capabilities of the lofted barn design

Double the storage space

We offer many storage solutions, The Lofted Barn is one of our most versatile designs, combining a traditional style with almost double the storage space of basic storage shed. You’ll easily store your large lawn and garden equipment and tools. Plus, the loft area above provides storage space for seasonal decorations or extra storage bins.

Need an HOA-approved design?

And if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, we have thought of it all here at Leland’s. Whether you just need a smaller storage solution or your HOA has height and size requirements the Studio design is the perfect fit. With an 8 foot overall height, this is the best answer for “will my HOA allow this?” Your new Studio shed will be the talk of your neighborhood. Plus its design will give you something to chat about with your favorite neighbors.  


A garden shed with the words love the design - click to get a quote. Find sheds on sale at a shed store near me or sheds sale near me.

At the end of the day, we here at Leland’s care about so much more than just selling you a shed. We are here to help you and your family do what they love, plus protect the things you spent your hard-earned money on. We are here to provide shelter for your way of life. Schedule an appointment with us here or give us a call at (817) 768-5199.

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