High-Quality Wooden Sheds for Sale

With a wide range of sheds for sale available on the market vinyl, plastic, metal, and wood. So the question we are looking to help you answer is, “Why should I spend more money on a high-quality wooden shed?”

“Why have Wooden Sheds Gotten so Expensive?”

We have seen it all in the supply chain in the past couple of years. Lumber prices have been comically high and highly unpredictable. This makes the question, “how much does a 12×14 shed cost?” sometimes a difficult one to answer. With the constant fluctuation in pricing, we try to stay ahead of the trend as much as we can and be transparent about pricing. 

With that being said, wood is not the only material that has increased in price. We are seeing a significant jump in building supplies across the board. But this doesn’t change the fact that a wooden storage shed is likely to be on the expensive side of storage buildings. 

When it comes to Leland’s Storage Sheds for sale, we will never be the lowest cost because we are constantly doing whatever we can to stand behind our 10-year warranty. And our promise to protect your valuables. 

Are Leland’s Prefab Sheds worth it?

We love the phrase “you get what you pay for” because you are paying for quality around here. So we designed our Defender Series with the best standard features on the market. 

Defender Series Key Features:

  • 10-Year Warranty 
  • LP SmartPanel siding
  • 8″ Heavy Duty Hinges 
  • 3/4″ Plywood Floor 
  • Radiant Barrier Roof
  • Moisture Floor Barrier
  • 2×6 Floor Base 
  • Hurricane Ties

You may be thinking, “I live in Texas. What do I need hurricane ties for?” Well while hurricanes may not affect you in your area we all know that the Texas winds are extreme, and we like to prepare for anything the weather might throw at us. At the end of the day, you are investing in a storage building, which means the things you’re planning to store in it mean something to you. If there is a chance your valuables could be damaged, why spend any money to protect your things? We go above and beyond to ensure every beam, board, and the wall is built to last. The Sheds for sale at Leland’s are built to last.

LP Smart Panel Storage Sheds

All the storage sheds for sale come with LP Smart Panel siding. It’s NOT particle board; it’s NOT wafer board; it’s NOT chipboard. It’s simply a better choice for your outdoor storage shed. LP SmartSide products deliver all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. All LP SmartSide products are treated with the proprietary SmartGuard process to resist fungal decay and termites in harsh environments. Tested in Hilo, Hawaii, LP SmartSide products continue to resist structural damage, even after years of exposure to thriving termite colonies and excessive moisture. 

What Sets Leland’s Storage Sheds Apart from the Competition? 

sheds for sale

Most other big-name brands in the shed industry are out-of-state corporate companies that hire local contractors, have no care for quality, no respect for customer service, and have no intention to be here for the long haul. We see them from time to time, set up dealerships for a couple of months, and suddenly they are gone. Leland’s has chosen to build its brand solidly, one town at a time. 

We offer our customers a 10-year warranty, and we will be around to stand by it. Leland’s Barns and Sheds is building slowly and steadily, with the intent of long-term presence. Big enough to handle whatever your storage needs may be but not too big to care.

What can I use an outdoor storage building for? 

The number of uses we have seen customers use our building is outrageous. Of course, the number one reason is for storage. 

Art Studio 

Artists have a reputation for being a little messy and chaotic. Don’t let your hobbies rule your living space, and give them the room they deserve. We have had clients transform our sheds into painting sheds, pottery barns, and lego showcase rooms. The Cabinette is an excellent option for an art space because it provides ample storage, is aesthetically pleasing, and offers a little porch to sit outside for inspiration. 

Garden Storage

Most of our clients are looking for a safe and secure outdoor building to store their garden and lawn equipment. Lawnmowers, weed eaters, and chainsaws are not cheap but also take up a large amount of storage space in a garage or workshop space. We love to recommend our Lofted Barn style shed to clients looking for lawn mower storage, especially if they have a riding lawn mower or small tractor. The lofted style allows you to store your mower out of the elements but still provides you with vertical storage overhead.

garage sheds for saleSmall Business Storage

We are currently in an era of entrepreneurship where everyone wants to be their own boss and run a business or side hustle. These operations usually start out of the home or garage most of the time. We offer an alternative to allowing your new business to consume your home, an outdoor storage building. Keep all your business investments safe, secure, and in their designated space. We love to recommend our Garage for this purpose. A standard 9×7 rollup door makes it easy to unload equipment and inventory in and out of your outdoor storage building. 

chalet sheds for saleShe Shed / Mancave

As your family grows, that ‘you space’ you once had seems to shrink every year. With a Leland’s storage shed, you have a high-quality outdoor building just waiting to be finished. From mom’s little getaway space to dad’s backyard bar, we have seen it all. Our Chalet shed is our favorite option for customers who want to DIY their backyard building. It has the most customization options and is built most similarly to an actual living structure. 

Small business location

Our beautifully designed sheds are the perfect option for the small business you have wanted to start. We have seen sheds turned into backyard boutique shopping centers. Sno cone stands in parking lots and on rural land to offer a refreshing treat to the masses. A home base for a drone delivery service. The possibilities are endless, and we know that our quality outdoor buildings will withstand everything you throw at it. 

studio sheds for saleAnimal Shelter

Leland’s sheds are designed with Mennonite craftsmanship and started on farms. Our buildings are the perfect animal shelters for your small farm critters. Could you imagine one of our beautifully designed buildings as a chicken coop? Or housing for your show bunnies? We think it is a charming idea! 

“Is It Cheaper to Build a Shed Rather than Buy One?”

We hear it all the time “I can build that myself for cheaper!” And absolutely, you could buy the raw materials for less than it would cost you to pay someone else to build it. Feel free to google “How do I build a shed under $500?” Or “How cheap can you build a storage shed?” But in the long run, it will cost you way more to fix or replace the items you want to store. When you buy one of Leland’s sheds for sale you are investing in years of experience. We have already done the research and made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. 

Let Us Help You Design Your Custom Shed Today

As the client, we let you steer the ship when customizing your wooden storage building. We offer an extensive color palette, shed styles, sizes, upgrades, and add-on options. We love it when a client describes the solution their building will help them with and help guide them towards features we know will make your building better for your use. 

Give us a call or schedule a meeting with a shed consultant today.

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