I have patiently been waiting, since my shed order was placed. I purchased concrete center blocks for it. I have marked the place where I want this building to go. I was like a kid in a candy shop going through Lowe’s thinking of all the projects I could do in my new shed. 

Two weeks passed by and I received an email from the customer care team showing me a picture of my building and letting me know it was completed and I would get a call to schedule delivery. The building looked very sharp and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Phil Miller called and let me know the building was complete and they would like to deliver my building on Thursday. I told them that was perfect and would be ready for them.


The driver called me Thursday morning letting me know he would be here around 10 am. I unlocked the gate and had everything ready for them to arrive. James my driver arrived on time. He introduced himself and asked where the building was going to. I showed him right where I wanted it and where the blocks were. He unloaded my shed and got it all leveled and right where I wanted it. He loaded his stuff up and was off to deliver another building he had on the trailer. 

Now the work begins

My shed is in place and it turned out very amazing. I’m very pleased with it. Now the real work starts though. I need to start putting some of the pool stuff in there and get that all cleaned up to where the pool is presentable and company can come over and enjoy it this summer. Then start in the garage and getting the Christmas stuff put up in the lofts and out of the way. Maximizing my workspace below.

I start getting my tools out of the garage. Setting up my workspace. This is where I’ll take my time and set everything up the way I want it. Organizing my toolbox and strategically placing my power tools. Keeping the pool stuff and garden tools to one end so I can build different wood projects. I enjoy building tables and bunk beds to sell as a hobby. 

You see this shed not only makes my wife happy and gets the garage cleaned out so she can park in there again, or back out and let the kids play in there on a rainy day, but gives me a space to get away and connect with my hobbies as well. Our house now is presentable. Kids can play, we can have company over and enjoy the summer grilling out and hanging around the pool. Bring on the steaks and BBQ I’m ready to enjoy this shed’s benefits. I’m going to get started on a new project in my shed. Order yourself a shed from Leland’s Barns & Sheds. Thank me later because you won’t regret it!

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