Sheds by Color

From Belmont Blue to Pinnacle Red, we have all the color options you could possibly ask for. Using the right color for your shed will turn it from a regular building to a work of art. Want your shed to really stand out? Pick a bright color like White or Red Delicious. Want more of a low-profile look? Go for Buckskin or Tan. Want that classic barn look? Mountain Red with White trim is the way to go. Give your shed some character with our wide array of colors!

Compare all of our color options and decide which one is right for your building!

Shed Color Options

Red Sheds

Red sheds are in high demand, their bright color allows them to really stand out from their environment, and many people enjoy the classic barn look of a red shed with white trim. Not only is red one of the most eye-catching colors but it also looks great on a shed!

Black Sheds

A black shed is the way to go if you want a low-profile shed. Being a neutral color, black sheds have no problem complementing their surroundings, while still maintaining a sleek and polished appearance.

White Sheds

White sheds are a great choice, white is a neutral color and can complement any other color. It’s also very bright so having a white shed can turn heads. This color is good if you want a clean, bright, and versatile shed.

Blue Sheds

Blue is for the bold who want to stand out, even though it’s a cool and calming color, blue sheds can make quite the eye-catcher. Great for turning heads and also being a unique color!

Green Sheds

Green is a great uplifting and bright color. We have multiple shades whether you want to camouflage in the forest or stand out in the suburbs, there’s a green shed for everyone!

Gray Sheds

You can’t go wrong with a gray shed because it works well with any color. Besides its versatility, gray is a calming color that’s good for any trim color as well. Check out our gray sheds!

Brown Sheds

Brown is a great welcoming and natural color. Great for rural environments, and we have plenty of shades for you to choose from!

All Shed Siding Color Options

Check out our large display of colors to customize your shed with. We don’t want you to have a shed siding color that you tolerate; we want you to have a shed siding color that you love!

Siding, Trim, & Door Paint Colors

**3rd color option available for an additional $115 and clear coat sealer for cedar posts now available.
*Actual product color may vary from the images shown.

Siding, Trim, & Door Stain Colors

*Actual product color may vary from the images shown.

Metal Roof Colors

29 Guage Tuff Rib Metal Panels or Dimensional Shingles. **additional charges apply.
*Actual product color may vary from the images shown.

Shingle Roof Colors

*Actual product color may vary from the images shown.
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