Gym Sheds for Sale

Busy lives make it hard to exercise regularly, and the need to travel to the gym makes it even harder. Working out at home helps with the traveling part, but then you still have to store the exercise equipment.  A gym shed provides the solutions to both problems! You can store all your equipment in the shed plus work out in the convenience of your backyard!

You can design your ideal gym shed with our 3D shed builder or buy a pre-built gym shed from one of our sales lots.

In Stock Gym Sheds for Sale

10×20 Utility Shed


Serial Number: LP0224SC43657


16×28 Garage Shed


Serial Number: LP0124SC43475


8×10 Utility Shed


Serial Number: LP0124SC43469


12×16 Lofted Barn Shed


Serial Number: LP0224SC43661


12×16 Garage Shed


Serial Number: LP0823SC42558


16×36 Chalet Shed


Serial Number: LP0923SC42723


Customizable Options for Your Gym Shed


We offer a wide range of exterior siding and paint colors, so your gym shed will be a pleasure to look at and work out in. Choose one of our many color options, so your gym shed matches the other buildings on your property.


Completely customize your backyard gym’s exterior with our many customization options! You can choose everything from porch styles to siding material. We offer board and batten siding, lap siding, and smart panel siding.


The interior of our gym sheds comes unfinished, which allows you the freedom to create your perfect personalized gym shed. We also offer a workshop package that includes 2 shelves, a workbench, and tool caddy. We also offer electrical packages.

Windows & Doors

We offer a variety of windows from 2x3 through 3x5, as well as transom windows, flower boxes, and shutters. Various doors are available, including single, double, and roll-up doors.

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