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Sheds For Sale Buyers Guide

Sheds for sale

Once the organizing bug bites you, you might find yourself looking at the countless sheds for sale online. But sheds are meant for more than just storing shears, saws, shovels, and lawnmowers. Although used traditionally as a storage space, you can also turn your new shed into a stylish backyard addition where you can spend hours doing any number of things you enjoy.

Maybe you have been considering adding a sophisticated retreat to your property where you can enjoy a few cocktails. Many sheds for sale can transform into a man cave, or she shed separate from the main house.

If you prefer buying a pre-built shed rather than building one, you’ll need to choose the right design for your backyard or property.

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How to Choose the Best Storage Sheds

Your search for a new storage shed online will be effortless if you have already decided its purpose. Consider a few things first to ensure you get the right shed for your lawn. For instance, you should determine what you will be storing in your shed. For many, their storage sheds house their bicycles, garden tools, outdoor toys, and lawn equipment. Others turn their storage sheds into “a room of one’s own” or a man cave.

Also, think about what type of material you want for your shed. Have you already decided on a design or style? Do you want a shed with windows? Do you want it finished or unfinished inside? Ask yourself a few of these questions before you search for the shed you want to have built, whether it is for your crafting studio or a simple storage space. It helps to consider your needs.

Best Storage Sheds

Types of sheds

The two most popular options available today are wooden, and metal sheds. Consider the following factors when determining which will provide the most benefit to you:


Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden sheds for sale online suit almost every type of landscape, owing to their natural material. They are also easy to modify and blend with your house’s facade. In contrast, metal sheds are more practical than aesthetically appealing. They might look out of place in a cozy garden, but they are perfect for modern outdoor living spaces. Their clean lines and hard surfaces are a great match for industrial-style buildings made of stone or metal.



Metal storage sheds are long-lasting. They are safe against numerous natural forces, including fire, corrosion, rotting, and termites. However sturdy, metal sheds are not perfect and are vulnerable to dents if you don’t use or take care of them properly. The good thing is that you can paint your shed in whatever color you want to keep it looking new.

In comparison, wood can also last long but requires more meticulous care and maintenance. Wood can rot, warp, split, and attract termites, molds, and mildew without proper care. However, finishing the wooden shed’s exterior with a protective coating can help maintain its quality so you can enjoy it for decades. LP Smartsiding provides this protection with its 50-year warranty.


Price and Ease of Assembly

Both wood and metal storage sheds for sale are ready to use. As opposed to shed kits that require assembly and hiring contractors in some cases. You can get free delivery on some sheds, which is helpful if you need a shed but have a limited budget. Metal sheds can sometimes cost less than wooden sheds but, as mentioned earlier, may be best suited for commercial projects due to their rugged design.


Styles and Design Choices

A metal storage shed has a baked enamel paint coating, allowing the customer to pick from a wide array of color choices. However, wooden sheds for sale offer more design and style options. They are available at different prices and wood types, including redwood and cedar. Like metal sheds, the customer can paint a wooden shed with basically any color.

What Are the Different Types of Outdoor Sheds?

Outdoor storage spaces come in several types available on the market today. Deciding what the shed is for can help you pick the correct kind of shed for your home.

Barn-Style Shed

Barn-Style Shed

Barn-style sheds are basically small-sized barns. Barn-style sheds offer ample storage space as you can put up to two overhead lofts that provide almost 50% more storage space to organize your belongings. They come in different sizes and materials and are the best choice if you want a shed that maximizes interior space.

Studio Shed

Studio Shed

Studio sheds are more detailed and pricey than barn-style sheds. They are great as a separate living space and are the best type of shed for an art studio or home office.

A-Frame Shed

A-Frame Shed

A-frame sheds are the classic type of shed. They are popular storage buildings for equipment because they offer optimal space for moving large items in and out effortlessly.

Lean-To Shed

Lean-To Shed

A lean-to shed lies attached to houses, garages, and other pre-existing structures. This shed is the best choice if you are looking for a space to store smaller equipment, including garden tools, barbecue grills, push mowers, and bicycles. It is one of the most affordable types of shed that can look great in your home.

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Storage Shed?

Storage sheds provide essential storage space for garden and yard tools. Sheds can also serve as a home to old furniture and equipment, especially in homes without garages.

Pre-built sheds for sale can be less expensive than building one from scratch. And given that they can quickly meet your storage needs, these sheds are a wise investment.

Building a shed requires a lot of tools, materials, and skills. It would help if you spent considerable time pre-planning and designing your shed before you can start building. Choosing and purchasing the materials can also be more challenging than you realize.

Buying a shed is the easier and cheaper option, especially if you can get free shipping. It is also the fastest way to get a new shed if you need one in time for a special occasion. All you need to do is contact us to make sure the delivery date is acceptable to you.


Shed Prices

Our sheds are sold directly through our web team and also through our certified dealers. This ensures the highest quality sheds are provided by well-trained staff who care for our customers. For available models and pricing information, click here to speak with one of our shed consultants.

Do Storage Sheds Need a Foundation?

Smaller sheds as tiny as eight feet usually will not require a foundation. Small sheds may be placed on concrete blocks to form their foundation. Larger sheds usually must have a solid foundation.

A large shed needs a stable foundation to keep it protected and safe. You can be sure to enjoy your new shed longer if installed correctly. A foundation is essential if you use the shed to store your tractors or other heavy equipment.

A crushed stone foundation is sufficient for most sheds. It is a relatively cheaper and simpler option than a concrete slab foundation and allows for proper drainage. For details regarding the specifics of foundation requirements, we recommend speaking with one of our shed consultants.


What can you fit in a 12×16 shed?

A 12×16 shed. Is considered a large shed and is best used for storing ATVs, golf carts, and bicycles that are taking up space in your garage.


As you can see, there is a lot to know about the sizes, styles, and details of outdoor storage buildings. We hope that we have helped to answer some of the questions you may have in your search. If you would like to discuss price, build details, or delivery options, we always look forward to helping you find the right fit for you. Call us today at 817-768-5199.

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