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Should I Buy Quality Or Build A Cheap Shed?

You are sitting there looking at the pile of stuff you just pulled out of your garage while giving it a yearly deep clean. Then, all of these thoughts start running through your head…

“Where am I going to put all this stuff.” 

“I really need a storage shed..” 

“How much is a storage shed?” 

“Can I build a cheap shed?”

“Man, I haven’t used these skis in years… I really need to go skiing.”

Don’t worry; we are here to help. We love to help our clients navigate the world of “cheap sheds” and while our sheds may not always be the lowest upfront cost.. We can promise you that in the long run, we will be the “cheap shed” on the market! 

When it comes to storage space, what are the options?

There are several different storage options out there when you want to clear out some space in your home. What will work best for you depends on your personal preferences and specific storage needs. 

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Storage Facilities 

There are likely local storage facilities in your area that you can rent for a monthly fee. These off-site storage garages are an easy way to get storage space quickly. In addition, they are often reasonably secure because you provide a heavy-duty lock, and they are typically under video surveillance. 

They usually offer drive-up and walk-up spaces of various sizes. The average cost of a storage unit in 2021 was $190 per unit. Smaller storage units average a fee of $90 per unit. Which has jumped drastically in recent years, making the go-to option for most people’s storage needs a little less attractive. 

An off-site storage space works if you are looking for storage that you don’t need to access frequently. However, in general, they aren’t very convenient, especially if you need access to your things regularly. What often happens with this type of storage is you pay monthly to store stuff you forget you even have. So what is the point of paying for storage of things you don’t use? 

Donate Your Things

You don’t need storage if you don’t have anything to store. Downsizing and tiny living have become a trend in the last decade. If you want to clear out your spaces of things you don’t use anymore, you should consider donating them to a local charity. It is a tax write-off, and the best way to spend the least on a cheap shed is by not paying anything! 

But, we understand this is not an option for everything or everyone. You may be storing your kids’ things, your mom’s antiques you cannot bring yourself to get rid of, or the world’s most extensive collection of vintage cameras.

Outdoor Storage Sheds 

There is a wide range of quality, sizes, and styles regarding backyard storage buildings. With a backyard storage shed, you typically have a higher upfront cost, but there is often a payment program you can opt-in to. These payments can even rival the monthly rental fee of a storage unit. The bonus is that you own your building at the end of your payment plan. High-quality storage sheds can also increase property value, particularly if they are permanent structures installed on a concrete foundation. 

The big plus side here is the convenience factor. If you are currently renting an off-site storage unit, imagine then next time you need to drive across town to put away your holiday decorations and walk into your backyard instead. You will use your things more often, purge stuff you don’t need more frequently, and your life will be easier.  

Quality can vary quite a bit in the storage shed market. That said, here at Leland’s Barns & Sheds, we specialize in high-quality wooden storage sheds. In addition, we offer Rent-to-Own payment programs to help you get into a shed immediately for a low, upfront cost. So while our buildings are not a ‘cheap shed’, you truly get what you pay for when purchasing any structure.

Let’s say you are using this building to store your vintage collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia. The cost of replacing your collection is much higher than the upfront cost of a high-quality shed. So while you may not consider us a ‘cheap shed’ option, we are the ‘cheap shed’ on the market assessing the cost risk.

How much is an outdoor storage cheap shed?

Once again, the cost can vary depending on the quality of the structure. The average price of a prefab storage shed is $3634. Most suburban homeowners pay between $1769 and $9569 for their outdoor storage space. 

The most significant factor in changing the price of a storage shed is the size. The most popular sizes are a 10’x12′ shed and a 12’x24′ shed. However, we have also seen sheds as big as 17’x60′! The larger sheds are usually finished and used as man caves, workshops, and she-sheds. 

Another factor that can raise the cost of a shed is the upgrades and options you choose if you are looking for a sleek shed and want to add windows, dormers, lofts, and workshop packages that will increase costs. 

Why should I buy a high-quality storage shed?

You will save significant money by purchasing a quality backyard building. You will be able to protect all of your valuables, and we can stand behind our security with our 10-year warranty

Can I build a cheap shed?

Basic Shed

In most scenarios, it is cheaper to DIY, and you can probably build a more affordable shed than you can buy from us. However, constructing a high-quality building can be costly, especially if you are not very experienced. 

The tools and equipment needed to build a structure like this can be costly, so if you do not already own the tools to do this job, you have to factor in that cost. The physical materials for these builds are also at an all-time high. We have all seen how high the price of lumber has gotten. You also have to hope and pray that you don’t make any mistakes and have to throw away materials. As a company, we can pay attention to lumber futures and stockpile when prices are low. 

It is a no-brainer if you are an experienced carpenter and have the time to spend on your shed project. Otherwise, you may save a lot of money by letting professionals with over 20 years of experience do the job for you. 

Are shed kits worth it?

Shed kits can be convenient if you are set on doing it yourself. However, the savings can be minor. They take a serious time investment and can be a headache to put together. You expect to save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but the truth is that after material markups, you really don’t save as much as you’d think. To most people, they are not worth the hassle and risk. 

With a comparable average cost to Amish-built wooden storage sheds, it will benefit you to pay the professionals to get your project done for you. Do it once and do it right. 

What if I need a building for more than just storage? 

Now you are speaking our language. We love to help solve our customer’s space problems regardless of the need. Our buildings are constructed like a house and built to withstand the elements. We saw our buildings used for snow cone stands, guest suites, pottery studios, laundry facilities, and so much more. 

Small Businesses

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We constantly get asked about using one of our structures for small restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. And we think it is a great idea! We help walk our clients through the permit process to ensure they set themselves up for success. The best part for our customers is that once they have paid for their building, they own it. They no longer have to deal with landlords.

Home Gym

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Yes, you read that right; we have had people transform their backyard storage sheds into their own backyard gym space. With 2’x6′ floor base and ¾” plywood, the floors are sturdy enough to withstand all your weights and equipment. 

Art Studio

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Whether you’re thinking of leaving your shed unfinished on the inside to give it, that real artist feels or finishing it out to make your shed suitable for retail business. Our defender series sheds are the perfect solution for the extra space your art has been begging for.

Home Office

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As more and more people continue working from home in a post-covid world, the need for having a quiet, private workspace is more significant than ever. Imagine having a place out of the house but not off your property for all your work duties. 


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We have worked with many families who needed extra space for a homeschooling classroom. Our sheds are the perfect option for a separate classroom building right in your backyard. So don’t feel bad about leaving out the art supplies over the weekend; it has its place to be messy.

So which option really is cheaper?

When it comes down to it, you might save yourself some money upfront by building your storage shed. However, it is worth your money to have it done right the first time in the long run. If you have to pay to replace your valuables that you are storing, then there was no point in holding on to them in the first place. 

We have over 20 years of experience here at Leland’s and offer a 10-year workmanship warranty because we know we can back it up. So store the things you love in the convenience of your backyard, and never worry if they are protected.

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